About Us

We are leading a fresh period of ocean exploration and security of the ocean. Around 72% of the earth’s surface is protected in water which drinking water brings life into this globe by providing over fifty percent of the air inside our atmosphere, habitat to get more than 2 million types and, the majority of all, a lovely get away for scuba divers like us. Few folks have the privilege to take pleasure from the underwater world even as we do.

Tampa Scuba empowers future generations of divers, swimmers, and travelers to explore, protect and talk about the world’s oceans. We continue steadily to empower our clients to explore the oceans through snorkeling, swim, and scuba. We take part in initiatives to safeguard our oceans and the majority of all, we talk about our interest for the ocean through our relationships with you.

We are an aquatic family and the largest thing that pieces us apart is strictly that. We are a family group. We pleasant new swimmers, divers, and travelers into us when they work with us which won’t change.

Anyone who’s familiar with scuba in the Sonoran Desert will have a tale about this time they visited San Carlos, Mexico and swam with the ocean lions. It really is encounters like these that keep both new and energetic divers returning for more.

Tampa Scuba is the premier scuba service in Tucson, AZ. In 2015, Tampa Scuba was called a Diamond Trainer Training Service by Scuba Academic institutions International, a variation gained by only the best scuba facilities in the world. There is absolutely no way some of this might be possible lacking any experienced team of dive experts and dedicated scuba divers. We say thanks to every one of the divers which have come through Tampa Scuba through the years and look ahead to diving with you soon.